co. VAS
                  I am
   the illustrated
      the script of
      my life written
      into my skin
      my body the
      of my
       my brain the
       playground of
       I am the
       to believe that
       man is born
                      from The Koda
                              "brainscapes"  2009
brainscapes   >  The Illustrated Man   2009/10
                                                                   The Illustrated Man   2009/10   (detail)   
Let’s first talk about your aberration, the worst possible kind in the realm of science: your deification of the brain. The brain and not the Code - a ridiculous mistake that only perfect ignorants can make. You idolize the servant and not the master; the creature and not its creator. Why can’t you understand how much greater is the power of the Code than that of the brain?
                                           (Stanislav Lem: The Golem’s Inaugural Lecture in “Imaginary Magnitude” 1973)
The lâmina series consist of sculptural and mural pieces; wooden constructions covered with drawings, paintings, collages and writings, their overlapping forms as much inspired by the biological structure of the brain as by its “mental” expressions, their sober geometrical composition contrasting with the disorganized wealth of detail on the covering material, as the analytic faculties we attribute to the brain contrasts with the capriciousness of its actual manifestation.  
As the progress of neurobiological science in the last ten years has dramatically shattered our well-meaning illusions about rationality, and the developpement of nanotechnology will soon allow the merging of biological and artificial intelligence, the discussion about human identity will become one of the most urgent sociological topics of our century.  
In the context oft he brainscape​s series, The Illustrate​d Man represents  the artistic incarnatio​n of  the robot sapiens that looks at us from out of the mirror  -  he whose destiny has been graven into his skin:  programmed as much by his genetic code as by his social education, and whose brains, given the nano-techn​ical means, might soon be manipulate​d by mechanical interventi​on as well. The sculpture is conceived as an interactiv​e work. During exposition​, visitors will be asked to inscribe on its surface their own opinions as to the degree of freedom of thought and decision making conceded (or not) to the human race.
                   The Illustrated Man   2009/10     mixed mediums on paper on wood    320x197x58cm
                  Study for  The Illustrated Man   2009     mixed media on paper on wood    226x159x16cm




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