transCerebral (New Media)  

co. VAS
  gordian knot
  of human
  chemical thread of thought
  through folded
  re-painting the brain
  drapery in the gown of the
                from The Koda
                             transCerebral 2009


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                                                                                                                Gordian Knot   (Central Panel)



                     Gordian Knot or the Hazards of Communication    2007  
                 mixed mediums on canvas and wood   198x198cm
Gordian Knot   (Lateral panels)
Gordian Knot   (Detail)
    transCerebral   2007   acrylic on board   44x57,5cm
   French Philosophy    2007   mixed mediums on cardboard   83x41,5cm


                                                                                French Philosophy   (Detail)
                 Brainwave    2008    acrylic on canvas    140x180cm
Brainstone   2007   acrylic on board    40x50cm
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